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“You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the sign post up ahead, your next stop…The No God Zone!”

Joel Schumacher woke this morning to a different kind of world. In this world mankind had accepted his own mortality and with this acceptance came the liberty of caring for humanity instead of spirituality.

The world was a starkly different place. In Africa the Sunni’s and Shia’s lost their reason to kill each other. Muslims and Christians had no reason to Jihad, In Ireland the Protestants and Catholics found they had lost their differences, around the world it was the same Afghanistan, Bosnia, Cote Dlvoire, Cyprus, East Timor, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Kashmir, Kosovo, Kurdistan, Macedonia, throughout the Middle East, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Thailand, Tibet, and Uganda all found that their reasons for fighting had left them. They were in fact – all wrong. The senseless slaughter of millions in the name of God(s) just seized. There was peace throughout the entire world. With humanity having a single commonality now, governments do not see each other as a threat, and begin to work with each other in a historic way.

Billions of people who once gave money to their church or religious cause now pour money into local, national and worldwide funds to help the poor, the sick and less fortunate. The amount of money was staggering at first, and many organizations were not equipped to deal with it, but they grew quickly and served their purpose in ways previously not possible. Money flowed into scientific research prompting discoveries of such significant magnitude it completely changed everyone’s lives, Aids, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Down syndrome, even aging its self had the money required to properly research and develop medications and even cures, healthcare for everyone is a reality but not paid for with taxpayer dollars but rather through donations. Not all those church dollars go to donations though and as the additional money floods our economy, stocks go up and the world economy recovers quickly and prospers.

Children are raised to believe in themselves in this new world. They are not guilted into a specific behavior under the pretense of a higher power being unhappy and sending them to hell, but rather reasoned with. Explanations for why behavior is good or bad is required prompting an entire generation and future of children who learn from a young age to think critically, question the norm, and feel no guilt for questioning the world around them. These children leave their parents to create a new world and decisions based on sound reasoning and a solid understanding that morality is not based on the God book of your choice but rather on what is beneficial to humanity.

The Smithsonian opened a wing dedicated to the 6000 year history of Bible and the atrocities done in its name, it eventually encompasses virtually all significant loss of life in the history of mankind by sharing with future generations the various religious beliefs from the Sun, to Roman Gods, to the Mayan Gods, to the Raven and of course the contemporary Gods of the Christians and Muslims. The Bible remains the #1 best selling fictional novel of all time indefinitely.

As religious people of all walks search to replace the hole their lost faith has left they seek out ways to truly better the lives of those around them. They give money, contribute to their communities in a tangible way, and try to learn how to see the world without wearing the glasses of judgment and damnation. It is a difficult task but the farther they get from their previous life the more excited they get about the new world. Safety envelopes them as they feel the freedom to entertain questions they previously thought would send them to hell.

Joel Schumacher has entered an alternate reality known as “The No Gods Zone”



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3 Stories

Story #1
The year is 1983 and a young man stands in a large crowd in New York City. The crowd has gathered to watch an astonishing feat. No one in the crowd expects the feat to work, how could it? The Statue of Liberty is much too large and prominent to just disappear. As David Copperfield approaches the crowd roars then falls silent as he speaks. The event is televised across the nation and 10’s of thousands of people wait anxiously to see what will happen.

Mr. Copperfield raises a large curtain to block out the statue of liberty and the theatrics begin as David explains what he is going to do and what they will see when the curtain is lowered. A few moments later the curtain drops and to the shock and amazement of the entire crowd the statue is gone! Mr. Copperfield again raises the curtain, performs more theatrics and when the curtain is dropped…presto…..the statue has been returned to its rightful place.

Story #2
A few years later in a rowdy church building a man named Benny Hinn was holding an evangelical service. Benny spoke of the power of the all knowing God and that miracles were not something reserved to biblical times. He spoke of Gods on going power and that through him God would heal those in the audience that night. The crowd stirred with disbelief as the middle aged woman in the wheel chair rolled down the isle to be prayed for by Mr. Hinn. As Mr. Hinn laid his hands on the woman the theatrics began and the woman began to shake about in her chair until she fell out of it, unconscious on floor.

“Slain by the Holy Spirit!” Mr. Hinn exclaimed to the crowd of believers as they raised their hands and shouted praises to God and then fell silent as the woman on the floor stirred. Lifted up a bit by her arms and then to the amazement of the audience stood to her feet and walked to Mr. Hinn screaming praises to God for the miraculous healing.

Story #3
2000 Years ago a man named Jesus told people that he was the son of God. He walked streets performing miraculous feats. He healed the sick, raised the dead and promised that if he died he would come back to life on the third day.

In time, as fate would have it, he was crucified and he died. The crowds waited to see if he would indeed come back to life. They placed him in a tomb and closed it with a large rock. On the third day, because of the things he had said, they moved the rock and found that the tomb was empty. The crowds wondered where he had gone. The crowds wondered why they had not seen him if he had performed the miracle he proclaimed he would. The crowds continue to wonder today, for none in the crowd have ever seen him. Reports came in later from some of Jesus’ friends saying they saw him and that they would like to take the crowd to him, except that he went up into the sky to be with his father.

These stories all have a common thread; Ordinary men claiming to do the impossible, men proclaiming to have power beyond comprehension.

The first man
Proclaimed himself as an illusionist and only admitted to “tricking” his audience. Upon evaluation it was determined that the crowd stood on a slowly moving platform that rotated slowly during the theatrics and changed the view just enough to obscure the statue.

The second man
Proclaimed himself as a servant of God and took large amounts of money from his crowd. He claimed that he really could do the impossible through God for “Through Christ all things are possible.” Upon evaluation it was determined that the man was paying people to pretend to be sick or disabled and that his miracles were false. They were in fact, illusions.

The Third man
Proclaimed himself to BE God. He too claimed that he could do the impossible. However there is nothing to evaluate with the third man because the crowd did not witness his great miracle. Like the statue of liberty when the curtain dropped the body was gone but unlike the statue of liberty when it dropped the second time the body was still missing. The evaluator need look no further. If he did not perform this feat then the other feats are held in question as well. Perhaps the third man was a combination of the first two. Perhaps like the first man he was a master of illusion and like the second man he had help with his miracles. We may never know, what we do know is there is no evidence that his greatest feat was a success and much like Houdini taking the blow to the stomach, the last act was no illusion.


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Give them Kudos for this one. I laughed hardily, it was creative.


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As I was perusing the blogosphere today I stumbled upon a most entertaining post where in the Internet Preacher in his post entitled The Atheist Delusion, an intended rebuttal to Richard Dawkins “The God Delusion’ stated the following:

“Atheism is a religion. It has its places of worship, doctrines, and apologists. Sure, it denies the existence of God but so does Buddhism which is, as most people agree, a religion. As for doctrine, it has become increasingly obvious that there are definite articles of doctrine that are woven through the faith structure of atheism. They include but are not limited to cannibalism, fatalism, evolution, elitism, and more”

The Internet Pastor gets my vote for best laugh of the day.  Now if you will excuse me I have some small children in the oven LOL


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