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“You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the sign post up ahead, your next stop…The No God Zone!”

Joel Schumacher woke this morning to a different kind of world. In this world mankind had accepted his own mortality and with this acceptance came the liberty of caring for humanity instead of spirituality.

The world was a starkly different place. In Africa the Sunni’s and Shia’s lost their reason to kill each other. Muslims and Christians had no reason to Jihad, In Ireland the Protestants and Catholics found they had lost their differences, around the world it was the same Afghanistan, Bosnia, Cote Dlvoire, Cyprus, East Timor, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Kashmir, Kosovo, Kurdistan, Macedonia, throughout the Middle East, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Thailand, Tibet, and Uganda all found that their reasons for fighting had left them. They were in fact – all wrong. The senseless slaughter of millions in the name of God(s) just seized. There was peace throughout the entire world. With humanity having a single commonality now, governments do not see each other as a threat, and begin to work with each other in a historic way.

Billions of people who once gave money to their church or religious cause now pour money into local, national and worldwide funds to help the poor, the sick and less fortunate. The amount of money was staggering at first, and many organizations were not equipped to deal with it, but they grew quickly and served their purpose in ways previously not possible. Money flowed into scientific research prompting discoveries of such significant magnitude it completely changed everyone’s lives, Aids, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Down syndrome, even aging its self had the money required to properly research and develop medications and even cures, healthcare for everyone is a reality but not paid for with taxpayer dollars but rather through donations. Not all those church dollars go to donations though and as the additional money floods our economy, stocks go up and the world economy recovers quickly and prospers.

Children are raised to believe in themselves in this new world. They are not guilted into a specific behavior under the pretense of a higher power being unhappy and sending them to hell, but rather reasoned with. Explanations for why behavior is good or bad is required prompting an entire generation and future of children who learn from a young age to think critically, question the norm, and feel no guilt for questioning the world around them. These children leave their parents to create a new world and decisions based on sound reasoning and a solid understanding that morality is not based on the God book of your choice but rather on what is beneficial to humanity.

The Smithsonian opened a wing dedicated to the 6000 year history of Bible and the atrocities done in its name, it eventually encompasses virtually all significant loss of life in the history of mankind by sharing with future generations the various religious beliefs from the Sun, to Roman Gods, to the Mayan Gods, to the Raven and of course the contemporary Gods of the Christians and Muslims. The Bible remains the #1 best selling fictional novel of all time indefinitely.

As religious people of all walks search to replace the hole their lost faith has left they seek out ways to truly better the lives of those around them. They give money, contribute to their communities in a tangible way, and try to learn how to see the world without wearing the glasses of judgment and damnation. It is a difficult task but the farther they get from their previous life the more excited they get about the new world. Safety envelopes them as they feel the freedom to entertain questions they previously thought would send them to hell.

Joel Schumacher has entered an alternate reality known as “The No Gods Zone”



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I will be out of town for the next few days. I have some pre scheduled posts that will go up on Friday and Saturday and of course the Sunday sermon will post up as scheduled. If you send messages I won’t get them till Monday and if your comment requires moderation I will not get to that until Monday either.

In the mean time here is something to keep you entertained.

The Wrath of God Game



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What a valuable tool! When the Zombie apocalypse takes place be ready with this informative video


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Did you know that according to the researchers at Adherents.com There are 43,930 different religious sects in the world today? Did you know that over 34,000 of them are variations of Christianity? Striking isn’t it?

Imagine the audacity required to say to another religous person “Your version of belief is incorrect. You need to convert and worship my way.”  Seriously, it is mind boggling.

Keep in mind, that a great many of these religions and variations of religions, belive that they are right to the exclusion of all the other 43,929 religions.

Christianity in particular is interesting because the Bible is supposed to be so clear. Believers quote the bible with regularity as to why, this is right, and that is wrong. They state that the bible is clear if you only “read it correctly”.  Yet the followers of the bible are so confused as to its meaning they have fought and fought over the correct meaning to the point that they have split 34,000 times. The theme in Christianity is:  If you don’t like it, change it and start your own religion.

I will throw my hat in the mix and say that all 43,928 of them are beliving in a fairy tale.  The list includes non-belief in an attempt to quantify the entire planets view on religion.  So I don’t take issue with Atheists or Agnostics.

I was going to include part of the list but it just to long, go to Adherents.com to see all the religions

If you are a believer, and you are reading this, please share why your individual beliefs are correct against the other 43,930 options. If you can successfully do this you may just get some converts.

The Floor is yours………..


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This is just plain silliness but I had to laugh.

(Via Mixters Mix)

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Those pesky independent film makers are at it again. Independent film, of which I am a huge fan, has pretty much a free license to do what they want when it comes to film content. The low budget film entitled Zombie Christ is being made by Bryan-Bartoski Productions and looks a bit cheesy but I am sure I will track it down upon release anyway.

The story is set in the apocalypse after the second coming of (Zombie) Christ The final shooting was done in November in Texas. It has been billed as “The most controversial movie ever made”.

The production company is made up of two NT alumni and three NT seniors. NT alumnus Casey Barteau and radio, television and film seniors Chris Bryan and Jonathan Povoski make up the team of producers for the film. NT alumna Ashley Rosse and radio, television and film senior Andrew Manson are junior partners.

The company’s team went through the radio, television and film program together, and Bryan-Bartoski Productions was formed officially in May, when the first members of the group graduated from NT.

“We jumped in headfirst,” Barteau said. “We did it pretty much ourselves.”

The name came about in an obvious way – as a combination of the producers’ names.

“We just kind of threw all our names together and made this fictional character, Bryan Bartoski, who’s this fat cat that sits up in Hollywood,” Bryan said

The company’s first film, “The Zombie Christ,” is set seven years after the zombie apocalypse.

Jesus comes back as “Zombie Christ” and leads a group of bikers and townspeople who are attempting to “eradicate the world of zombies,” Bryan said. “It’s the adventures they have.”

The movie is set in the future, but it’s the future as seen from the ’80s, complete with motorcycles, pink shirts and Mohawks.

“We are paying homage and quoting a lot of the, like, really bad ’80s action flicks,” Bryan said.

Mixed with a zombie, the film is a retelling of the Christian rapture depicted in the Bible, but with a twist.

“We have a shot with the famous Last Supper painting with a disco ball and guns on the table,” Barteau said.

Here is a trailer for the film


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Not sure what I did but some how I landed smack dab in the middle of Zombie Nation this week. This is a new blog and I have been averaging between 40 – 70 visitors a day generally. In the last 2 days the ~AP~ has had over 500 visits with over 150 of those visits coming from visitors looking for zombies, according to the stats.

I’m good with that, I’m a zombie fan and zombies fit right in here since Jesus was the ultimate zombie, so welcome zombie nation I will have more in the future for sure 🙂

Welcome to everyone else that has found this blog in the last couple of days as well!

This one is for the Zombie seekers:

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