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I got hooked on a band named XTC in 1989 when they realeased their album entitled Oranges and Lemons.  A few years later Purchased the album Skylarking and discovered Dear God.  The song rang true with my soul and in that time of decision making was a comfort to me.  If you haven’t heard it (which I find unlikely) I hope you enjoy it.  If you have I hope you enjoy it again.

Frankly I don’t think it can be said for me much better than they have said it here.



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While I am not a religious person and I find religion to be the “beast” of our world there are three things about religion that I relish in.

First the art, from the chaotic drawings in Dante’s inferno to the stained glass windows of the Cathedrals to the wondrous paintings in the Sistine chapel. Religion has provided some of the most amazing art ever created. To Dawkins point, would we have the same works of wonder if the times they were created under were had different beliefs? Perhaps, perhaps not, either way they are amazing to look at, I am grateful that they exist.

Secondly the music, since I was a small boy I have learned and loved the old hymns, from “I’ll fly away” to “Amazing Grace” , Catholic monk chants and the prayers of Islam. Being raised in an evangelical church the songs were usually upbeat with bass sections that I would enjoy listening to my father sing. As I got older and distanced myself from my religion the words lost their meaning but oh how I still love to hear the old songs. You will often catch me singing an old hymn and if you know me you will initially be confused.

Lastly I find the rituals of the Jewish, Muslim and Catholic Churches intriguing. The pomp and circumstance can be trying but when you combine the mythology of the religion with the rituals it can be quite a beautiful thing. Of course some the rituals are horrible and some are down right brutal but some are quite beautiful.

Shame that an institution (religion) that has so much beauty is so ugly at its heart.

The wonderful thing about being an Atheist is the ability to find beauty in all things. The Christians have a saying that goes like this: Hate the sin, love the sinner. For me I hate the message of religion but there are many things about the underlying culture that I find pleasing.

This is a very beautiful Islamic song I found. It is in English and Arabic but I also enjoy many traditional Islamic songs as well. If you can distance yourself from the religious aspects and the goal of endoctrinating children and settle into the ebb and flow of the song you may find it quite pleasing. It is sung by Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens), granted not your typical Muslim, or maybe he is. This is off a children’s album he dedicated to his daughter.

Do you find beauty in religious things?  If you are a religious person do you find beauty in other religions?


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