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“You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the sign post up ahead, your next stop…The No God Zone!”

Joel Schumacher woke this morning to a different kind of world. In this world mankind had accepted his own mortality and with this acceptance came the liberty of caring for humanity instead of spirituality.

The world was a starkly different place. In Africa the Sunni’s and Shia’s lost their reason to kill each other. Muslims and Christians had no reason to Jihad, In Ireland the Protestants and Catholics found they had lost their differences, around the world it was the same Afghanistan, Bosnia, Cote Dlvoire, Cyprus, East Timor, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Kashmir, Kosovo, Kurdistan, Macedonia, throughout the Middle East, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Thailand, Tibet, and Uganda all found that their reasons for fighting had left them. They were in fact – all wrong. The senseless slaughter of millions in the name of God(s) just seized. There was peace throughout the entire world. With humanity having a single commonality now, governments do not see each other as a threat, and begin to work with each other in a historic way.

Billions of people who once gave money to their church or religious cause now pour money into local, national and worldwide funds to help the poor, the sick and less fortunate. The amount of money was staggering at first, and many organizations were not equipped to deal with it, but they grew quickly and served their purpose in ways previously not possible. Money flowed into scientific research prompting discoveries of such significant magnitude it completely changed everyone’s lives, Aids, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Down syndrome, even aging its self had the money required to properly research and develop medications and even cures, healthcare for everyone is a reality but not paid for with taxpayer dollars but rather through donations. Not all those church dollars go to donations though and as the additional money floods our economy, stocks go up and the world economy recovers quickly and prospers.

Children are raised to believe in themselves in this new world. They are not guilted into a specific behavior under the pretense of a higher power being unhappy and sending them to hell, but rather reasoned with. Explanations for why behavior is good or bad is required prompting an entire generation and future of children who learn from a young age to think critically, question the norm, and feel no guilt for questioning the world around them. These children leave their parents to create a new world and decisions based on sound reasoning and a solid understanding that morality is not based on the God book of your choice but rather on what is beneficial to humanity.

The Smithsonian opened a wing dedicated to the 6000 year history of Bible and the atrocities done in its name, it eventually encompasses virtually all significant loss of life in the history of mankind by sharing with future generations the various religious beliefs from the Sun, to Roman Gods, to the Mayan Gods, to the Raven and of course the contemporary Gods of the Christians and Muslims. The Bible remains the #1 best selling fictional novel of all time indefinitely.

As religious people of all walks search to replace the hole their lost faith has left they seek out ways to truly better the lives of those around them. They give money, contribute to their communities in a tangible way, and try to learn how to see the world without wearing the glasses of judgment and damnation. It is a difficult task but the farther they get from their previous life the more excited they get about the new world. Safety envelopes them as they feel the freedom to entertain questions they previously thought would send them to hell.

Joel Schumacher has entered an alternate reality known as “The No Gods Zone”



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“No man ever believes that the Bible means what it says: He is always convinced that it says what he means” – George Bernard Shaw

As a child one of my favorite toys was a kaleidoscope. A simple but imaginative device it is a tube of mirrors containing loose colored beads, pebbles or other small colored objects. The viewer looks in one end and light enters the other end, reflecting off the mirrors. Typically there are two rectangular lengthwise mirrors. Setting of the mirrors at 45° creates eight duplicate images of the objects, six at 60°, and four at 90°. As the tube is rotated, the tumbling of the colored objects presents the viewer with varying colors and patterns. Any arbitrary pattern of objects shows up as a beautiful symmetric pattern because of the reflections in the mirrors(1).

The wonder of this childhood toy for me was if I got bored with or didn’t like the current configuration of pattern presented, I need only twist the lens to see something more to my liking. Peering through a kaleidoscope offers a variety of different views but it is only possible to see a variation of views provided by the limited components of the scope. So there I would sit with one eye closed to the world around me and the other eye firmly planted to the end of a tube that represented the world in a pleasing and satisfyingly changing way.

The lens of religion works in much the same way. The religious close their eye to the world around them and peer through their religion to find a pleasing and satisfying world view. If they are unhappy with what they find they need only tweak the lens until they find a desirable configuration. Like the kaleidoscope no two views are the same.

The Assertion
Christianity today is a shadow of it’s previous self. What believers tout today as “moral living” and “upright behavior” would, in previous eras, be considered heresy. Those who preach anything resembling historically accurate religious theology are considered fundamental and obnoxious. Among their ranks are religious zealots such as Pat Robertson, Fred Phelps and young earth creationists including Patrick Young (PH.D). Many, if not most, main stream Christians have included into their doctrines certain basic scientific proofs including older earth theories, evolution (within the same species), basic astrology facts and have acknowledged the power of medicine. They have taken special care however, to credit God for allowing all of these truths to exist and using them as examples of his greatness.

If any of today’s Christians were to time travel to mid 1300’s they would be tortured and killed for heresy, yet their claims of belief are unchanged. They still serve the same God; they govern good and evil from the same text and preach the same basic message. The moral code upon which their faith is based is unchanged and yet what is considered moral and true has changed dramatically.

If we were to ask Christians today about such things as slavery, genocide, child abuse or rape and inquire as to whether or not such actions were a sin they would certainly (at least in my experience) and universally say that they are. Furthermore, defense of the position of these actions being immoral would be produced from scripture. Upon contest of their stance utilizing alternate scripture, the defense is given in regards to the time the scripture was written. One must take care to remember that in many circumstance these same scriptures, in generations past, were used to support what today would be immoral actions.

Christianity, in all various forms, has been and remains the religion that takes the least amount of ownership for its actions and has also been the least consistent religion on the planet. Christianity shares with its chief rival, Islam, a conviction of being the only true path to God and also has a commonality of a particularly bloody past. The primary difference being that Islam, has, for all intents and purposes, embraced these attributes while Christian apologists have attempted to justify or disown the immoral actions of previous generations.

There are more than 34,000 variations of the Christian religion(2) including Catholicism. Each of these variations have turned thier kaleidoscope with which to see the present world and the history of mankind and each of these believe they have found the true key to salvation.

Many Christians have chosen to leave the label of “religion” behind them. These believers have decided that no religion is representative of what they see through the kaleidoscope and state that they have found the “real” Jesus. These types feel that the previous 2000 years of Christendom are all incorrect and they have received a personal revelation as to the truth about God. The narrow lens of religion is very accommodating and will allow a person see whatever they want to see as they look through it.

The Narrow Lens
The narrow lens of religion is a term I use to describe the view the religious person has of the world around them. It extends from how they read and interpret the Bible to their views on the after life. The lens filters world history and indeed, in many cases, eliminates all historical contexts for belief between the time the New Testament ends and the present, because the events do not fit the viewers current interpretation of God or his will.

The lens’ range inhibits the viewers thought processes. It conditions the mind to stop asking questions and accept that the unknown is God’s doing and no further investigation is needed. Indeed, historically speaking, the lens has made its viewers quite violent towards those who have stepped beyond its scope.

The lens narrows the viewer’s reality to the contents of a book and those concepts and realities forced upon them by society. The intriguing thing about the lens however is its ability to, once included, make what it sees seem like the way it has always been. Again, the lens negates history and insists that the current view is the one, true, and correct view and that said view has always been thus.

The lens’ historical filter enables the viewer to embrace concepts such as Pascal’s wager, the proofs of Thomas Aquinas and the “miracles” of the patron saints but filter out the unpleasantness of the inquisitions, slavery, women’s rights, witch trials and the murder and torture of freethinking men and women of philosophy and science. The lens is a versatile tool, employed largely unconsciously, throughout human history.

My Lens
As a former believer I remember well the inner struggle to quench the questions that almost universally began with “What if?”. When the questions were to strong my lens was there to remind me that “What if?” was irrelevant – close one eye and peer through the scope at the symmetrical patterns of faith I had learned so well. The lens of religion calmed my mind and allowed the world to make sense once more.

As I began my voyage away from belief, I tucked my lens away in its velvet case, placed it in a drawer somewhere in the recesses of my mind and I remember feeling quite naked and exposed. I also reeled, as I still do, at the exploration of the pebbles and beads of religion, science and philosophy that were not reflected in the mirrors of my own kaleidoscope. Everything that I found, discovered and learned since that day has solidified my decision to leave behind me the world of fairy tales.


(1) Kaleidoscope (2)World Christian Encyclopedia: A comparative survey of churches and religions – AD 30 to 2200

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While I am not a religious person and I find religion to be the “beast” of our world there are three things about religion that I relish in.

First the art, from the chaotic drawings in Dante’s inferno to the stained glass windows of the Cathedrals to the wondrous paintings in the Sistine chapel. Religion has provided some of the most amazing art ever created. To Dawkins point, would we have the same works of wonder if the times they were created under were had different beliefs? Perhaps, perhaps not, either way they are amazing to look at, I am grateful that they exist.

Secondly the music, since I was a small boy I have learned and loved the old hymns, from “I’ll fly away” to “Amazing Grace” , Catholic monk chants and the prayers of Islam. Being raised in an evangelical church the songs were usually upbeat with bass sections that I would enjoy listening to my father sing. As I got older and distanced myself from my religion the words lost their meaning but oh how I still love to hear the old songs. You will often catch me singing an old hymn and if you know me you will initially be confused.

Lastly I find the rituals of the Jewish, Muslim and Catholic Churches intriguing. The pomp and circumstance can be trying but when you combine the mythology of the religion with the rituals it can be quite a beautiful thing. Of course some the rituals are horrible and some are down right brutal but some are quite beautiful.

Shame that an institution (religion) that has so much beauty is so ugly at its heart.

The wonderful thing about being an Atheist is the ability to find beauty in all things. The Christians have a saying that goes like this: Hate the sin, love the sinner. For me I hate the message of religion but there are many things about the underlying culture that I find pleasing.

This is a very beautiful Islamic song I found. It is in English and Arabic but I also enjoy many traditional Islamic songs as well. If you can distance yourself from the religious aspects and the goal of endoctrinating children and settle into the ebb and flow of the song you may find it quite pleasing. It is sung by Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens), granted not your typical Muslim, or maybe he is. This is off a children’s album he dedicated to his daughter.

Do you find beauty in religious things?  If you are a religious person do you find beauty in other religions?


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This picture reminds me of the clashing religious theologies.  Everyone thinks they got it right.



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Did you know that according to the researchers at Adherents.com There are 43,930 different religious sects in the world today? Did you know that over 34,000 of them are variations of Christianity? Striking isn’t it?

Imagine the audacity required to say to another religous person “Your version of belief is incorrect. You need to convert and worship my way.”  Seriously, it is mind boggling.

Keep in mind, that a great many of these religions and variations of religions, belive that they are right to the exclusion of all the other 43,929 religions.

Christianity in particular is interesting because the Bible is supposed to be so clear. Believers quote the bible with regularity as to why, this is right, and that is wrong. They state that the bible is clear if you only “read it correctly”.  Yet the followers of the bible are so confused as to its meaning they have fought and fought over the correct meaning to the point that they have split 34,000 times. The theme in Christianity is:  If you don’t like it, change it and start your own religion.

I will throw my hat in the mix and say that all 43,928 of them are beliving in a fairy tale.  The list includes non-belief in an attempt to quantify the entire planets view on religion.  So I don’t take issue with Atheists or Agnostics.

I was going to include part of the list but it just to long, go to Adherents.com to see all the religions

If you are a believer, and you are reading this, please share why your individual beliefs are correct against the other 43,930 options. If you can successfully do this you may just get some converts.

The Floor is yours………..


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What’s the big frickin deal with images of the prophet Mohammed?  Seriously I don’t get it. 

They took down Faith Fighter over the most retarded logic ever but the creators got revenge with an extra helping of sarcasm with  Faith Fighter 2 .

I don’t respect Mohammed any more than any other religious figure and I am significantly irritated with the whole thing so here are some images for you to chew on.




Oh and here is a link to about a hundred more: Mohammed Image Archive  Go look at them and bug a Muslim near you.


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I am feeling….unpleasant today so I have decided to rant.

The Bible tells of the Israelite mandate and pursuit of God’s will in the books of Joshua and Judges to go into the promised land and kill all inhabitants. God went so far as to mandate that all the people as well as livestock and even crops should be destroyed. If the Israelite failed to do so then anyone left alive would be very unpleasant.

“…then it shall come to pass, that those which ye let remain of them shall be pricks in your eyes, and thorns in your sides, and shall vex you in the land wherein ye dwell. ” (Numb 33:55)

God further instructed when the inhabitants of the promised land attempted to surrender and be slaves rather than die that Joshua should:

“And ye shall make no league with the inhabitants of this land; ye shall throw down their altars: but ye have not obeyed my voice…” (Judges 2:2)

But the Israelite disobeyed Gods ruthless mandate and spared many. Namely

“And the children of Israel dwelt among the Canaanites, Hittites, and Amorites, and Perizzites, and Hivites, and Jebusites” (Judges 3:5)

And so -Biblically speaking- the battle for the holy land began some 6000 years ago. Today presumably those pesky “thorns” are still at it, making the lives of the Israelites miserable.

So good job to the the God of the Jews and the God of the Christians. What a truly loving and forgiving God he must be to put his “Chosen people” through such torment a full 6000 years after they failed to go through with his genocidal mandate.

Interestingly one study estimates Gods death toll in the bible at 2,391,421 not including those killed in the Flood, Sodom and Gomorrah, and the plagues. If you try to include those items the number is in excess of 33,000,000. An interesting read, go to this link How many people did God kill? if you would like to see it. Just imagine if you were to use 33 million as a starting point and then tack on to that all the deaths done in his son’s name since. Now that would be a big number. So while Allah and the prophet Muhammad are certainly inscrutable characters  they’ve got nothing on God.

And good job to Allah and the prophet Muhammad as well. They have successfully allowed their  following to turn into a freak show of suicidal maniacs willing to kill anyone for any reason at all. Islam is bull, period. Islam is the freak show that the Catholic Church was in the mid centuries and Christianity as a whole was until 1960. It’s Allah’s turn to say, If you don’t believe in me then my people will strap bombs to themselves, and crash planes and shoot short range missiles and plan and scheme to destroy you all with nuclear weapons.

It’s only a matter of time before we have a nuclear detonation on a strategic target. When it happens it will be one of those Muslim nut jobs that does it.

Oh one more thing. According to the bible Satan has killed a total of 10 people and has no future plans to kill others. God still has plans to kill and additional 3,300,000,000 ( this is a representation of 1/2 the worlds population upon the rapture. This number may be higher if the those worthy of being raptured is less than 1/2 the worlds population)

It is revolting to me to see all of today’s Christians pointing fingers at the Muslims and crying foul.  Can they really not see that what is going on in the Muslim world today is only a scratch at the surface of the crimes against humanity committed on their watch?  Faith truly is blind I suppose.


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